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First Aid Kit

1. Restart your device

A lot of issues are easily solved by simply restarting your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Please try this first if you are having a problem.

2. Redownload
and reinstall the app

If restarting your device didn't fix the issue, you may want to try redownloading the app and installing it again.
Be careful: if you choose to remove the application before reinstalling it, all the application data will be lost.

3. Contact us

If the problem persists, please make sure to read the FAQ, answering the common questions.
If you cannot find an answer, please use the contact form available here.
We will do our best to contact you back with a solution as soon as possible.


How do I export a photo?

1. Tap on "Export" on the main menu
2. Tap on the photos to select the ones you want to export - a little green tick will appear on the top of the photos
3. Tap on "Export" again
4. Choose whether you want to send it to the photo library or by email

How do I delete a photo or category?

1. Tap on "Organize" on the main menu
2. Tap on the red cross on the photo or album you want to delete 

*** Be careful - This operation cannot be undone *** 

My email is never received

1. First check that your email account is properly set up
(Can you send emails with the default Email App?)

2. After you confirmed that your email account is in fact set up, please check if your email is not stuck in the "Outbox" of your default Email App.
In that case, you probably have more than 1 email account setup on your device. The emails are saved in your "Outbox" when your device doesn't know which account to use.
You can either launch your default Email App to send emails stored in the "Outbox" or simply remove any unnecessary email accounts and leave only one default email account. When only one email account is set up on your device, the emails can be sent directly through the app without stopping at the "Outbox".

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